Economou: We made difficult decisions for the common good, ignoring the political cost

Yiannis Economou

"We have taken difficult decisions for the common good, ignoring the political cost. And now we will do what is needed, listening to the scientists and evaluating the data from every aspect of life," government spokesman Yiannis Economou said on Tuesday during a press briefing according to AMNA.

Economou expressed his concern as an increase in cases is expected while stressing that the increase in the 'Omicron' variant does not cause a corresponding increase in deaths.

"We do not stop the effort," he said adding that consistency is required from all of us. "The 'Omicron' variant mainly concerns younger ages," he said noting that the government's goal is not to transmit the disease to older ages.

"In any case, the appropriate protection measures should be taken," he underlined adding that the measures taken so far are in line with the scientific recommendations after tracking down the cases.

"We are ready to intervene at any time if need be," Economou stressed.

He also referred to the completion of one year since the start of vaccinations, during which, as he said, 17,060,000 vaccinations have been carried out and 7,415,000 of our fellow citizens have been vaccinated.

At the same time, he added, more than 4,360,000 of our fellow citizens have received the booster dose, while he stressed that according to research, more than 15,000 of our fellow citizens would have lost their lives if these vaccinations had not been made.

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