Greece donates over 700,000 COVID-19 vaccines to Indonesia

Delivery worker charged with stealing COVID-19 vaccines in Greece donate

The Foreign Ministry in a post on Twitter on Tuesday made known that Greece donated over 700,000 vaccines to Indonesia, actively contributing to the battle against COVID-19 at a global level.

On its part, the Foreign Ministry of Indonesia in a post on Twitter expressed the country's appreciation for Greece's support in the fight against COVID-19.

It also underlined that this was the second dispatch of vaccines from Greece adding that Indonesia has received a total of 703,200 doses of vaccines from Greece.

"Greece actively contributes to the fight against the COVID19 pandemic on the global level," the Greek Foreign Ministry's post said.

Greece offered its support to the people and the government of Indonesia and donated a total of 703,200 vaccines to the country, in partnership with global initiatives (COVAX)", the post added.

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