KINAL: The new COVID-19 measures should have been introduced earlier

school children mask COVID-19 coronavirus Kerameus KINAL

The government is guided by political cost in its decisions on stemming the COVID-19 pandemic, Movement for Change (KINAL) said on Wednesday, criticising the measures that were announced recently.

The measures to be instituted on Thursday - double masks, early closing of entertainment venues, and remote working, among others - "should have been introduced when the first samples of the super-spreading Omicron variant appeared in other European countries, whose governments exhibited greater decisiveness and effectiveness than the Greek one," it said in a statement.

KINAL reiterated its proposals for speedier vaccinations with booster shots by doing away with appointments and allowing them in more centre, bringing in directly the private sector and military hospitals for help if necessary, decongesting mass transportation, and more spots offering free PCR and rapid tests.

"The criterion of political cost, which guides the government's decisions, seriously harms society and the economy," the statement concluded.

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