Konstantinos Mitsotakis fell ill with coronavirus – Fake news of SYRIZA that he went on an excursion, says ND

Konstantinos Mitsotakis

The ruling New Democracy accused the opposition party SYRIZA of a “miserable mud war against the prime minister” following social media leaks concerning the illness of Konstantinos Mitsotakis, the son of the prime minister, with COVID-19.

In a statement, the ruling party noted that “all this”, the accusations against Mitsotakis, is done “with the blessings of Mr. Tsipras”.

The prime minister’s son had contracted COVID-19 before Christmas and was quarantined for as many days as he needed.

“SYRIZA continues, either openly or underground, using internet trolls and its friendly media and websites, the miserable mud war personally against the prime minister,” New Democracy said in a statement.

“In the beginning, he was the only target. Then his wife was added. Then came the turn of his children,” the statement said.

“This time the lies concern his son Konstantinos [Mitsotakis], who had tested positive for the coronavirus and allegedly went on an excursion, violating protocols.

“From the first moment of the positive diagnosis, he was quarantined and stayed in his room, observing all the prescribed health rules, and of course he did not go on any trip.

“Along with the euphemism in the official announcements of SYRIZA, the basements of Koumoundourou are working overtime in the production of mud and fake news and all this with the blessings of Mr. Tsipras, of course.”

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