Stamatis Gonidis the Greek Singer-Songwriter entertaining the masses since 1984

Σταμάτης Γονίδης Stamatis Gonidis

Stamatis Gonidis was born on 16th September 1957 (age 64 years) and grew up on the Greek Aegean island, of Kynthos. The famous Singer-Songwriter has released over 35 Albums since he started singing professionally in 1984.

The Gonidis Story

From a young age, Gonidis decides to leave the island and become a sailor.

During his travels around the world, in his free time, he wrote songs, and he sang them to his colleagues.

Everyone liked his songs and his coworkers were those to support him and convinced him to become a singer and that is where his dream started.

In 1984 Stamatis Gonidis starts to sing professionally with the release of his first album.

Right from the start he become respected in the Greek nightlife bouzoukia scene.

He has a career full of gold and platinum albums which makes Stamatis Gonidis one of the most popular singers in Greece. Stamatis Gonidis sings songs above love, pain and happiness.

In December 2000, Stamatis Gonidis made his own wine, named "Saint", which unfortunately was a limited edition and given only to his close friends.

In 2001, Stamatis Gonidis decided to publish a book, called "The flying Rabbit", which is a fairy tale for grown-up kids.

When he does not sing in Athens or Thessaloniki, you can find him on his island of Kynthos, with all his good friends and his two wonderful daughters Stefania who has one child and Asimina who has two children which makes Gonidis a proud grandfather.

Her daughter Stefania in 2019 sang a song written by her father.

Stamatis Stefania Gonidi

Στεφανία Γονίδη - Δεν Πρέπει || Stefania Gonidi - Den Prepei (Official Lyric Video)

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In his latest release for 2021 Gonidis sings for the first time with Giorgos Theofanous.

The song was just released on Christmas eve Σταμάτης Γονίδης - Καρδιά Με Καρδιά || Stamatis Gonidis - Kardia Me Kardia (Live Music Video)

Listen Below

Σταμάτης Γονίδης - Καρδιά Με Καρδιά || Stamatis Gonidis - Kardia Me Kardia (Live Music Video)

Giorgos Theofanous is a Greek Cypriot composer and producer. He has sold more than two million records and written more than 500 songs in the 1990s and 2000s. Recording artists for whom he has written and produced include Nana Mouskouri, George Dalaras

Last year he release a song with Ioulia Kallimani which as of the time of writing has over

8.5 Million views and appears on his Spotify list.

Ιουλία Καλλιμάνη & Σταμάτης Γονίδης - Γυναίκα Είναι - Official video clip

With his unique voice, Gonidis and entertained Greeks both locally and from all around the world and this week he appears as singer of the week.