Team Greece ATP 2021 Sydney

With a big Greek-Australian following in Sydney and ATP Cup experience, Stefanos Tsitsipas believes that Team Greece will make a stronger impact in Sydney.

“I have faith in my team,” said Tsitsipas, who has a 3-2 record in ATP Cup singles matches. “I think we can sort it out in two matches [and] not have to go all the way to three [in each tie]. For each and every single one of us representing Greece on an ATP Cup level just means a lot. I know there is plenty of Greek-Australians that are going to go wild watching us play.

“Greece is known to excel in team events, such as football and basketball, so it's in our nature. We love playing team events, and that's where we leave the best out of ourselves on court. I think we have a team of young players that are just hungrier than anyone else. That's what makes us kind of stand out and we have so much energy starting next week.”

Captain Apostolos Tsitsipas said, “It's going to be a beautiful experience for us... The players already have the experience, having [played in] the previous years [and] playing difficult matches. It's always an honour to play for your country, and I'm sure a lot of Greeks are watching us.”

Petros Tsitsipas, who played two doubles matches at the ATP Cup in 2019, added, “It's a great tournament, [a] great atmosphere. The fans are really involved with the players… It's a great opportunity to be as a team, just enjoy and give our best.”