Turkish-Cypriot (with Republic of Cyprus passport) places occupation flag on highest point of Antarctica

occupied northern cyprus flag Antarctica

Turkish Cypriot climber Birkan Uzun hoisted the flag of the pseudo-state of occupied Northern Cyprus on Vinson Massif, the highest point in Antarctica, which reaches 4,892 metres.

Uzun, 28, who was born in occupied Morphou and works as a business consultant for a company in Seattle, told a Turkish Cypriot "news agency" that his goal is to climb the highest points on all seven continents.

"It's a feeling of great pride to be able to wave the flag of [occupied Northern Cyprus] at the highest peak, I wanted to thank the country where I grew up," Uzun said.

Climbing to the top of Vinson Massif in Antarctica is the fifth part of the plan, which he named "Seven Peaks".

He climbed the mountain with a group of five, saying that when he talks about the pseudo-state he wants to give the message that they lived for years under an embargo, but they can do anything when they set goals.

"This embargo cannot be stopped," he said, adding: "Wherever you look in the world you can see successful Turkish Cypriots."

"People may not know this, but they will. We continue to promote our country little by little with our successes and I am happy and proud that I also contribute to this," Uzun added.

For his pride of Turkey's occupation of Northern Cyprus since the 1974 invasion, which is violation of several United Nations Security Council Resolutions, the 28-year-old has a passport of the Republic of Cyprus, the sole recognised authority on the island.

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