How the Greeks Scouts of Cairo celebrated Christmas 2021


The day started festive, cheerful and full of youthful energy and the spark of the Greek Scouts of Cairo was felt as they decided to sing Christmas carols.

At 10:30 on Christmas Day, they were all gathered at the Scout Hall and ready for a big walk to share the Christmas spirit.

Unfortunately the weather was hazy and quite cold but that in no way discouraged the Scouts who started their festive journey on a school bus.

The first stop was the Embassy of Greece, where everyone left their offices to enjoy the first festive carols by the little Scouts. They got sweets, exchanged well wishes and were photographed together.

Back on the bus they went to 17 Suleiman El Harabi and the Translation Department of the Greek Community.

There, it was the same festive atmosphere.

The Scouts then decided to knock on two doors of dear residents.

They Mrs. Anna Avgerinou and Mrs. Soula Papadopoulou, with the latter unable to believe in her eyes that the Scouts came to sing her carols.

Full of gifts, and sweet chocolates, they politely said goodbye to the two tender ladies and set off for the next stop, the Archive of the Greek Community and then the Greek Chamber of Commerce in Cairo.

The offices of the Greek Community were the next stop on the route. All the employees left their offices, gathered in the big hall next to the tree and enjoyed the carols.

And after exchanging wishes with the employees of the Community and once again taking their sweets and gifts, they crossed to the other side of the road and went to the Greek Consulate, where they were also welcomed, singing the carols with them.

Last on their list was the Embassy of Cyprus, with Ambassador Mr. Homeros Mavromatis welcoming them and taking photos with joy and smiles.

And so the little Scouts brought to life with their triangles and carols the custom of the day and really warmed the hearts of the Greek community in the Egyptian capital.

Photos by Christos Kakouratos.

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