Süleyman Soylu: Greece, the EU and FRONTEX break international law

Süleyman Soylu

Turkish Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu leveled attacks against Greece, the EU and FRONTEX, accusing them of a "black story" behind tackling the immigration-refugee issue.

Soylu's reaction comes at a time when Greece and FRONTEX seem to have sealed off the flow of illegal immigration from Turkey to the EU, something that obviously irritates Ankara.

"The most important issue before us, of course, is the fight against irregular migration and the repatriations made especially by Greece, which is a serious problem, but also a crime that is done in front of the eyes of the whole world," he said.

"Under international law, they become complicit in this crime," Soylu said provocatively, ignoring the activation of illegal immigrant trafficking networks on Turkish shores and in Evros against Greece.

He went so far as to ask FRONTEX to wear black armbands, arguing that "it is the dirtiest service in the world" and that Europe should be "accountable" for what happened.

"I want to emphasise here that FRONTEX is the black service of our century," he said to party officials of the ruling AKP government, adding: "And it is a service that is obliged to put black tape on its sleeves.

"It is not a pure service.

"European culture and Europe will be held accountable for this service.

"The dirtiest service in the world is FRONTEX."

Apart from Soylu, the representative of the ruling Justice and Development Party in Turkey, Ömer Çelik, also accused Greece of tyrannical treatment of refugees.

In a statement, he accused Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis of black propaganda, repeating fake news against Greece.

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