Turkish FM Çavuşoğlu: Egypt will get a bigger EEZ if it agrees with us and not Greece

Turkish FM Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu

Despite the problems Egypt and Turkey, Ankara continues to "pressure" Egypt, with the main goal of violating international law by overturning the maritime demarcation agreement signed in 2020 with Greece in the hope that Cairo will change allegiances.

Speaking in the Turkish parliament on relations with Egypt, Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu stressed that the dialogue with Cairo will continue at all levels in order to normalise relations between the two countries.

Çavuşoğlu pointed out that if Egypt signs an agreement with Turkey to cancel maritime zones, canceling the corresponding agreement with Greece, then the Egyptian Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) will increase significantly in the Eastern Mediterranean.

However, he admitted that there was no official conversation between the two sides on this issue.

Çavuşoğlu stated: "The dialogue with Egypt continues. We held two meetings at the level of Deputy Foreign Ministers."

"We can talk to Foreign Minister Shoukry. After all, as you said, we are talking on the sidelines of international meetings.

"If Egypt signs an agreement defining maritime areas of responsibility, then it will have a larger maritime area of ​​responsibility in the Mediterranean, either as a continental shelf or as an EEZ, whatever it preaches.

"Finally, there was no official conversation on this issue. In other words, we have not yet reached this stage."

Recently, the "Blue Homeland" theorist and retired Admiral Cihat Yaycı, traveled to Egypt to convince Egyptian officials that the EEZ agreement signed between Cairo and Athens and Nicosia in the Eastern Mediterranean us bit advantageous.

According to the former head of the General Staff of the Turkish Navy and head of the Centre for Naval and Strategic Studies at the private university of Bahçeşehir, he was in Egypt and had contacts with officials, but did not give details.

As Yaycı revealed in the pro-government Yeni Akit newspaper with maps and documents, he said: "Greece and the Greek Cypriot Administration (Republic of Cyprus) deceived Cairo, seizing more than 21,000 square kilometres of maritime jurisdiction."

He also claimed that the agreements with Athens and Nicosia are to the detriment of Egypt in the Eastern Mediterranean.

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