How many new cars were sold in Greece in 2021?

Peugeot Toyota cars

The declining trend of new car sales in the Greek market continued in December as the lack of chips in production plants has caused long delays in vehicle deliveries, in addition to the significant problems caused by the last Omicron mutation of COVID-19.

The Greek market still managed to break the barrier of 100,000 units and lay the foundations for a better 2022, which according to analysts is expected to exceed 150,000 units if the situation in car factories is finally normalised, according to News Auto.

However, in 2021 in Greece, sales of new cars in December fell by 11.8%. This percentage of decline is limited compared to the rates of decline recorded in other EU member states and range above 20%…

In particular, in the twelfth month of 2021, 5,717 new cars were sold compared to 6,483 vehicles in the corresponding month of 2020, with the result that the market recorded a decline of 11.8%.

Out of a total of 5,717 cars, almost 50% were for retail sales and the remaining 50% for corporate vehicles. That is, in December the sales of private consumers and companies amounted to the same percentages.

In terms of year, sales of new cars in 2021 amounted to 100,973 units compared to 82,026 cars in 2020, with the result that the market recorded an increase of 23%.

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First for Toyota

211220161500 Toyota Yaris Choice 11

At the top of the sales table in December was Toyota with 815 units, an increase of 29.1% compared to the corresponding month of 2020. At the same time, Toyota was the only brand that broke the barrier of 800 units in December.

In second place was VW with 425 units sold, down 14.31%.

The top three is completed by Hyundai with 404 units, recording an impressive growth rate of 334%.

Then follows Peugeot with 362 cars and a drop rate 38.74%, Nissan with 360 (-44.1%), Mercedes-Benz with 332 (7.79%), Dacia with 314 (726%), Citroen with 265 (19.9%), Audi with 245 (58%).

211210131513 Peugeot e 208 choice 16

Finally, the top ten is completed with Suzuki, 207 cars sold and growth rate of 29.3%.

The performance of companies in the past 12 months

In addition to the first place in December, Toyota also occupied the first place in all of 2021.

In particular, the Japanese giant in 2020 managed to sell 13,712 cars, recording an increase of 28.35% compared to 2020 and occupying the first place in sales in 2021.

In second place was Peugeot with 10,584 units, recording an increase of 33.55%.

The top three is completed by Hyundai with 8,815 cars sold, recording an increase of 68%.

Then follow VW with 7.768 units (8.3%), Opel with 5.813 units (15.1%) Citroen with 5,255 cars (37.6%), Suzuki with 4.853 (31.2%), Kia with 4,602 units (90.9%), Mercedes-Benz with 4,300 cars (19.2%) and BMW completes the top ten with 4,187 units (32.5%).

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