Turkey in eastern Aegean now using UAVs airspace violations

Turkish UAv

Turkish hostility in the eastern Aegean on Monday took the form of numerous violations of Greek airspace and Athens FIR infringements by a UAV, according to national defense reports.

The use of locally designed and assembled UAVs in the region, often praised as the Turkish military most prominent industrial and tactical success after a string of failures (notably, a MBT, domestic fighter), has added another dimension to Ankara’s refusal to follow, de facto, international maritime law and standing international treaties regarding the Aegean isles.

Monday’s incidents mentioned as 34 separate violations, came west of the Dodecanese island of Nisyros, and specifically over the islet of Kandeliousa.

Additionally, another six Turkish F-16s made a total of 39 violations, while in six cases engagements followed with six Greek warplanes that scrambled to intercept the violating craft.