Laconiko Named One of Best Olive Oil Producers in the World for 2021


Laconiko is honoured to have been named as one of the top olive oil producers in the world for the past three years running by EVOO World Rankings, a nonprofit ranking organization that promotes the world’s most awarded olive oil. In 2020, Laconiko was named the #2 top Society of the World, the #1 top Society in Greece, as well as #43 EVOO of the Year, by the World Ranking System.

With the publishing of the 2021 EVOO World Rankings, Laconiko has further cemented its leadership position in Greece and throughout the world of quality olive oils. Laconiko’s Olio Nuovo is ranked #4 olive oil in Greece and #2 best Koroneiki in the world (#21 overall). The Laconiko Estate olive oil is ranked as the #9 Greek olive oil, and the #4 worldwide Koroneiki olive oil (#34 overall). With 29 total awards, Laconiko has been ranked the #7 Olive Oil Producer in Greece, and the #21 Olive Oil Producer in the World for 2021.

In addition, Laconiko’s flavoured oils have earned them the #1 flavoured olive oil society world title, with all 12 of the flavoured oils submitted receiving awards in each competition entered and each of the flavoured olive oils claiming one of the top 25 spots in the world. With 103 total awards in the flavoured category, Laconiko has been ranked #1 Flavored Olive Oil Producer in the World by EVOO World Rankings.

In 2021, the EVOO World Rankings tested 16,584 olive oils from 2,105 societies around the world. In response to Laconiko’s incredible showing, Diamantis Pierrakos, co-owner of Laconiko, said, “My brother Dino and I are honoured that our olive oil has been recognized on the world stage. We constantly strive to put out the best possible product from our family’s olive grove in Greece, and are humbled by this year’s results!”

Laconiko recognized being on the world stage amongst the best societies and producers in the world is no easy task, stating, “We challenge ourselves every year to produce and constantly improve our products for our Laconiko customers that support us and deserve the best.”
About Laconiko

Headquartered in Manassas, Virginia, Laconiko is a fourth-generation family business that manufacturers high-quality extra-virgin olive oil from its estate olive groves in Greece, from 100% prized organically cultivated Koroneiki olives. The company has been selling its oil under the Laconiko brand since 2009 and has since won over 300 awards in the industry for our olive oil’s fantastic quality and flavour.