Yeni Şafak: Greece deactivates sound cannons at the border so Gülenists can cross

Greece FETO

New fake news from Ankara claims that Greece has “deactivated” sound cannons on the border of Greek-Turkish border at Evros in order to allow members of the outlawed Gülen network to take refuge in Greece.

The Fethullah Gülen network is considered in Ankara as the Fethullahist Terrorist Organisation (FETÖ).

“Greece deactivated deafening sound weapons used against immigrants trying to cross the Greek border, during the crossing of members of the Fethullah terrorist organisation, after being informed in advance,” claimed the Yeni Şafak article.

“These devices can transmit sound waves up to 3 km deep into Turkey.

“When these weapons were used, there was no problem from the Greek side, so the target here is the Turkish side.

“They start using this as a weapon as soon as there is movement at the border,” the article said, whilst provocatively arguing that the system was turned off by the Greek authorities when members of the Gülen network intended to cross the border.

“The FETÖ members easily passed through Evros and sought asylum in Greece,” the article continued.

“Once the procedures in Feres are completed, they will go to Athens from Alexandroupolis airport or by road.

“Why are double standards applied between people, why are FETÖ members allowed?”

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