Turkish Ministry insults Greek Foreign Affairs Minister and calls Greece a threat to peace

turkish foreign ministry

The Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs reacted strongly to Greek Foreign Affairs Minister Nikos Dendias calling him 'antagonistic' and 'delusional' for his statements during a joint press conference with his Saudi counterpart in Athens on Tuesday. 

At the press conference, Nikos Dendias confirmed that he had discussed Turkey and developments in the Eastern Mediterranean during his meeting with Prince Faisal Bin Farhan Al-Saud, including the increasing aggressiveness of Turkish rhetoric against Greece.

Dendias noted that the Turkish government has embarked upon a persistent distortion of the truth and of any notion of International Law, including the Law of the Sea.

"This position is the epitome of irrationality; Greece is threatened with war in case it exercises its inalienable right to extend its territorial waters, as it is explicitly stipulated by International Law. Turkey has lined up the largest landing force and the largest landing fleet in the Mediterranean facing our islands, while demanding that we demilitarize them, meaning that we relinquish our recognized right to self-defence, as provided for in the United Nations Charter." said Dendias.

The Turkish government responded immediately to the remarks made by Dendias in front of his Saudi counterpart and issued a statement rejecting the Greek Minister's claims whilst also accusing Greece of being a regional threat to peace:

"The antagonistic statements against Türkiye made by Greek Foreign Minister Dendias almost every day are populist, unserving of peace and stability as well as being totally detached from reality. This provocative rhetoric is neither compatible with good neighborly relations nor with the spirit of Consultative Talks we have relaunched with Greece.

"These delusions of Dendias prove that Greece prefers tension by creating artificial alliances and relying on favors of third parties against Türkiye instead of resolving its bilateral issues and developing relations through an honest and meaningful dialogue with Türkiye. Those countries which have self confidence do not display such attitude.

"We totally reject Greece's attempts to create a misleading perception and to label our country's will to defend its legitimate rights and vital interests as a threat. If there is any threat in the region, it arises from the unilateral actions of Greece that increase the tension."


The Greek Response:

Asked about the Turkish response and insulting language, the Greek Foreign Affairs Ministry responded accordingly:

"Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikos Dendias expresses the firm positions of the Greek Government as regards Foreign Policy issues, positions that reflect Greece's commitment to respecting International Law and safeguarding the interests of our country.

"These positions are outlined in a calm and sober manner, while studiously refraining from mentioning by name officials from other countries, as is customary in diplomatic practice.

"It is truly regrettable that the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs violates this cardinal rule and is throwing unfounded and unsubstantiated accusations against officials of other countries, such as Greece’s Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs.

"And it is also an oxymoron that the very country which has systematically made a number of aggressive statements over the last few days through its government officials, who directly threaten Greece and even contest its territorial sovereignty, is accusing our country of “provocative statements and actions”.

"Greece will continue to forge its relations with neighbouring and other countries in the context of respect for International Law and good neighbourly relations and calls those countries in the region that have not already done so, to respect these fundamental rules instead of trampling them underfoot on daily basis."