Greek police officer finds 2 month old baby abandoned in a playground


A Greek police officer on guard duty found a 2 month old baby girl abandoned in a playground in the Athens suburb of Halandri, at the junction of Viotias and Evias streets, police announced on Thursday.

The baby was discovered by the police officer in the area on Wednesday evening,  after he  heard it crying and called the police emergency number.

The baby had been placed in a rucksack left open at the top, while it looked clean and well cared for and was dressed warmly with a cap, socks and other clothes to keep it warm.

It was collected by a DIAS police team and an ambulance, which took the baby to the Agia Sofia children's hospital in Athens.

Doctors said the infant was in good health and will stay in the hospital, where it will undergo tests and be cared for, while the case is investigated.

The bag and the clothes it was wearing were sent to the forensics service in case they yield any clues regarding the identity of the baby's parents, while the Halandri police department is conducting an investigation.