Thessaloniki: No COVID-19 controls for illegal street shops set up by Pakistanis


Foreigners, particularly Pakistanis, spread their rugs in front of Thessaloniki's iconic White Tower and wait for customers to buy their products, including handbags and other fashion items.

In one case, Vergina News reported, there were young people who visited a street vendor, who unlikely has his legalisation documents with him and wore his mask below the chin.

He speaks something between English, Greek and Urdu, but with the ultimate goal of selling products illegally and without paying taxes.

People protested and asked if the vendors had papers to sell, and even appealed to the police, but they had the intentions of asking citizens whether they had vaccination certificates.

As for the afternoon to evening, the illegal street vendors of Thessaloniki change trades and sell smuggled cigarettes in the alleys of Aristotelous Square.

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