Arrival of Parthenon fragment from Sicily to Athens Acropolis Museum on Monday

Mitsotakis Parthenon Sculptures Sicily

The famous "Fagan fragment" from the Antonino Salinas Regional Archeological Museum in Sicily will be unveiled on Monday in its new and rightful home at the Acropolis Museum in Athens, taking its place in a full-size representation of the Parthenon's eastern frieze.

The agreement with the Italian museum could be a roadmap for an agreement with Britain, said Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis in his statements to The Telegraph, where he spoke about the repatriation of the Parthenon Sculptures.

Mitsotakis emphasised to the British newspaper that the agreement to relocate the fragment from Sicily to Athens could be a roadmap for an agreement with London in the near future.

"This agreement with the museum in Palermo "could be the roadmap for an agreement with Britain," the prime minister said.

He stressed during his interview that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson can no longer ignore the "elephant in the room" - that being the return of the Parthenon Marbles from the British Museum in London to Greece.

The Prime Minister noted that his visit to Downing Street and the publicity it received helped to create a great wave of international support, especially given that public opinion in Britain also supports the return of the Parthenon Marbles.

He emphasised that the return of the fragment from Italy is an "important step" and stresses that it is not repaid as a loan, but as a deposit for eight years with the prospect of remaining in Greece indefinitely.

As he explained, on January 5, announcing the agreement, Lina Mendoni the specificity and significance of the case of the Fagan fragment, from the VI stone of the eastern frieze of the Parthenon, does not lie in the long-term deposit ('deposito') for exposure of the fragment Acropolis Museum, but with the prospect of remaining on a permanent basis ('sine die') in the Acropolis Museum, reunited forever with the frieze of the Parthenon.

The Telegraph reports that the fragment of the Parthenon from Sicily will be presented on Monday at its new home, the Acropolis Museum.

It will take its place in the frieze of the Parthenon, which becomes more complete as each section is returned.

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