SYRIZA blames Mitsotakis government for rapid spread of COVID-19

SYRIZA Tsipras

Main opposition party SYRIZA said in a statement on Friday that the ruling Mitsotakis government was responsible "for the spread of the virus".

The political party accused the government that, "as in the case of schools, it has opted for herd immunity," and whatever loss of life this may lead to.

The opposition complained that "tens of thousands of workers who are ill with COVID-19 to be compensated for sick leave, a positive rapid or PCR test (that they pay for out of their own pockets) is not enough, but to also be examined by a doctor, is a cynical confession that the government is not only unaware of what is happening, but doing everything in its power to worsen the uncontrolled spread of the virus since it adopts disincentives so that sick workers will go to work."

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