UPCOMING PROTEST IN ATHENS: Pakistanis demand legalisation papers and open borders

Pakistani protest january 16 2022 Athens

The Pakistani community in Athens, mostly made up of illegal immigrants, are organising a protest where they plan to demand the Greek State to provide legalisation papers and an end to deportations.

According to journalist and defence analyst Andreas Mountzouroulias, the Pakistanis demand legalisation papers for all illegal immigrants and for Greece's borders to be opened.


The digital poster, written in Urdu, demands that all illegal labourers should be released from detention camps and given legal papers with respect and protection.

They also call for forced deportation of illegal immigrants to stop.

The digital poster signs off with Javed Aslam Arain, President of Pakistan Community of Greece Unity and wanted by INTERPOL for a 2005 case involving human smuggling, saying that he is waiting for Pakistanis to gather on January 16 at 13:30 at Petralona Palatia Markori.

This audacious demand comes only days after Greeks were outraged as footage emerged of hundreds of Pakistanis, seemingly in an organised manner, converged on Syntagma Square on New Years Eve when Greeks were forced to limit their Christmas celebrations.

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