Confusion over US support for East Med Pipeline continues; Greece concerned


The United States has expressed misgivings on a subsea pipeline designed to supply Europe with natural gas from the eastern Mediterranean, Greek government sources said, in an apparent U-turn over a project supported by the former Trump administration reports Reuters.

According to the report, a source told Reuters that "the American side expressed to the Greek side reservations as to the rationale of the EastMed pipeline, (and) raised issues of its economic viability and environmental (issues)"

However on Monday the US Embassy in Athens released a statement addressing these concerns, expressing overall support for the EastMed pipeline.

" At a time when Europe’s energy security is–more than ever–a question of national security, we are committed to deepen our regional relationships and promote clean energy technologies.

"The United States continues to strongly support regional efforts that enhance and promote cooperation and regional stability, including the 3+1 mechanism in which the Republic of Cyprus (ROC), Greece, Israel, + the United States participate.

"We remain committed to physically interconnecting East Med energy to Europe.

"We are shifting our focus to electricity interconnectors that can support both gas and renewable energy sources.

"We support projects such as the planned EuroAfrica interconnector from Egypt to Crete and the Greek mainland, and the proposed EuroAsia interconnector to link the Israeli, Cypriot and European electricity grids. Such projects would not only connect vital energy markets but would also help prepare the region for the clean energy transition." said the statement