WEDNESDAY PROTEST: efood work stoppage due to fatal work accident


Another efood employee lost his life on the road trying to make a living.

The efood deliverer was killed at 12:30 p.m. in the early hours of Saturday in the area of Paleo Faliro, according to Sputnik Hellas.

An announcement about the fatal accident was issued by the Trade Union of Food, Tourism and Hotels, expressing their condolences to family members of the deceased.

According to the announcement, the accident happened during working hours, so the company knew about it from the first moment, however they "chose not to inform about it in order to avoid the death being characterised as a work accident and all the responsibilities it involves."

"The colleague was a freelance distributor, he worked as a 'partner' and was paid by the delivery. He worked under known and unacceptable conditions that have been created by the government and the employer," the statement said.

In these circumstances, the Union said there was inadequate protection measures, huge distances between receipt and delivery, bad weather conditions, as well as individual responsibility for the maintenance of vehicles.

"One thing we are sure of is that just as we do not reconcile with miserable working conditions, so we will not reconcile with death," the union statement continued.

"We will not accept others in the place of those who lost their lives or were crippled at work, we will escalate our struggle until the necessary measures are taken to protect our safety and health," the statement concluded.

As a sign of protest, the Attica Tourism Food Union is going on a work stoppage of efood distributors on Wednesday from 10:00 to 14:00.

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