Winter resorts request support as hotel occupancy rates plummet from 2019 records

Kalavryta, Greece winter

Average occupancy rates in hotels during the winter season will be around 12% despite an 100% rate being achieved for a few days during the Christmas and New Year's holidays, the mountain destination hoteliers' union said in an announcement on Tuesday.

The hoteliers said that the success story of winter tourism was limited to three or four regions in the country and called for an immediate state intervention to ensure their survival.

Occupancy rates in mountain destination hotels ranged from 15% to 55% during the holiday period.

More specifically, in Drama, hotels reported occupancy rates of 35%, down from 85% in the same period in 2019.

In Imathia, with two ski resorts, occupancy rate was 34% down from 95% in 2019.

In Kalavryta, occupancy rate was 25% after January 8, 2022, down from 55% during the holiday season and 100% in 2019.

In Western Macedonia, occupancy rate was 35% during the holiday season, down from 85% in 2019.

In Korinthia, the occupancy rate was 55%, down from 95% in 2019.

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