ELVO: The Greek vehicle manufacturer is back operation

ELVO Greece

Less than a year after the transfer of ELVO to new ownership, the first agreement to restart the operation of the Sindos-based factory is a fact.

The Hellenic Vehicle Industry (or ELVO 2020 SA as its distinctive title is now) announced the implementation of a wide range of projects following its agreement with the ELTRAK Group.

The agreement concerns the manufacturing of ELTRAK vehicles, ie Caterpillar. It should be noted that ELTRAK, part of the CP Holdings Group, is the official dealer of the leading machine and equipment company in Greece and Bulgaria, Caterpillar.

"This cooperation is the result of organised efforts that begun several months ago in terms of reorganisation, remodeling and development of the facilities we received," said the General Manager of the company, Dimitrios Angelopoulos.

"Our vision for ELVO is to regain its unique capabilities in terms of infrastructure and operational capabilities, as a pioneering industrial unit that can play an active role as a specialised subcontractor in special type vehicles," he continued.

"We hope that this agreement with ELTRAK will be the beginning of a long-term cooperation strategy," the GM concluded.

For his part, the Chairman of the Board, Orly Katsav, said: "In just ten months since the transfer of the company to the consortium, we have succeeded in upgrading the facilities so that they can serve projects of high standards and requirements."

"We have invested significantly in equipment, infrastructure, staffing, while developing partnerships with local suppliers from the area of ​​Thessaloniki," he continued.

"Stable, organised and structured, ELVO will regain its role as the leading Greek vehicle manufacturer, and will expand its footprint, inside and outside the country," the Chairman of the Board noted.

The new era

It is recalled that in February 2021, the company, following an international tender, was transferred to the Consortium of SK Group & Plasan.

Based in Sindos, Thessaloniki, ELVO 2020 covers an area of ​​273,000 sq.m. in total, of which 66,000 sq.m. are housed production, testing and storage facilities, ranking it among the largest companies of its kind in Southern Europe.

In terms of its new shareholders, SK Group is the largest private defence group in Israel, with facilities in Israel, the USA, Asia, Latin America and now in Europe with ELVO.

It exports to more than 50 countries worldwide, has experience in privatisations and technology transfer, as well as investing in R&D and new technologies.

Among other things, the Group includes:

  • IWI - one of the leading manufacturers of firearms and small arms
  • Meprolight - a global power in electro-optical systems and laser applications
  • Camero-Tech - a world leader in Sense-Through-Wall tech
  • Uni-Scope - with extensive experience in the development, production and sale of periscopes for armoured vehicles.
  • Plasan - a world leader in the field of survival and armour applications for the Armed Forces and Security Forces.

It offers a variety of vehicle protection benefits, including advanced body armour, such as the SANDCAT family of vehicles and other regular armoured vehicles. Its integrated capabilities include design, development, simulation, testing, production and integration.

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