Serbian President Vučić to Djokovic: “It's irresponsible not to be vaccinated, I'll receive the fourth jab”

Vucic Novak Djokovic

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić said his government offered Novak Djokovic support as part of "doing our job" but expressed disagreement with the tennis stars vaccine stance.

Vučić, in an interview with Serbian Public Television (RTS), said he believed it was necessary for the Serbian tennis star to get the jab and called Djokovic’s stance irresponsible.

“I think it is necessary for all people to be vaccinated, I have been vaccinated three times and I will be vaccinated a fourth time," Vučić said about the Djokovic saga.

"I do not think it is quite responsible not to get vaccinated, but I do not belong to those people who will start a hunt against those who are not vaccinated because in that I find our own guilt.

"We allowed social networks to impose some absurd issues on us, which we could not fight."

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He stressed that the political authorities have an obligation to help the citizens of Serbia when they have a problem abroad.

“Our job is to help the people of Serbia, I am proud that with our involvement we were able to help one of the best athletes of all time,” Vučić said.

In another interview yesterday, the Prime Minister of Serbia Ana Brnabić commented on the violation of the quarantine by Novak Djokovic during his illness from coronavirus.

“If it is found that Djokovic has violated the Serbian rules of isolation, he should explain it. I will consult the competent authorities and the health authorities that are responsible for the implementation of these regulations,” said Brnabić.

The comments by the Serbian President come just after Stefanos Tsitsipas expressed that "not everyone plays by the rules" when reflecting on Djokovic's attitude towards the Australian Open.

“A small percentage seem to choose their own path, making the majority seem like fools or something like that,” he said in reference to Djokovic.

Tsitsipas added that in his opinion everyone has the right to choose what to do with their body, even though this is something that some use to disrespect other people.

“Your body is very important, it is your machine, if you feel that you are not safe, you have to protect it and you have to use it as a guide,” he said.

Djokovic arrived in Australia as COVID-19 cases were rising across the country.

He was denied entry last week at Melbourne’s airport after officials canceled his visa because he was not vaccinated, an entry requirement for non-citizens.

A judge reinstated the visa and ordered the Serb tennis star to be released from immigration detention.

None-the-less, he continues to face possible deportation by the immigration minister.

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