THESSALONIKI: Three businessmen arrested after 24 year old woman drugged and raped (VIDEO)


The 27-year-old owner of a well known business in Thessaloniki was arrested by police following an investigation into the rape of a 24 year old who claimed she was drugged and raped by three men on New Year's Eve according to Greek media reports.

According to the reports, it is alleged that well known businessmen from Athens also participated in the incident which started off as a party before it took a turn for the worse at the expense of the young woman.

According to her police statement, the victims alleges  sleeping pills were dropped in her drink.

The police arrested another 27-year-old businessman from Athens, who was charged him with rape and taken before a prosecutor and investigator, but was released on restrictive terms including a ban from leaving the country, and a requirement he makes a monthly appearance at a police station, and prohibited from  approaching and communicating with the alleged victim.

In his statement to police, the 27- year -old  man admitted that he met the 24-year-old woman, but denied the accusation of rape and claimed that what happened was done with the consent of the young girl.