Group of Pakistanis rape Cuban national in Kilkis

Greek police nafplio

Three Pakistani nationals were handcuffed by police in Paionia, Kilkis in Central Macedonia, following a report of a robbery against a group of Cuban immigrants, including a 25-year-old woman, who is also said to have been raped.

The arrested Pakistanis, aged 21 to 29, were taken to the Kilkis Prosecutor of First Instance and with the charges against them, they were referred to testify to the investigator.

According to police sources, it all happened last Friday night in a rural area of ​​Evzoni, where four Pakistanis approached the 5-member group of Cubans (moving on foot) and under the threat of a pistol robbed them.

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They seized 460 euros and their mobile phones.

Then, according to the same sources, two of the perpetrators of the robbery - again with the threat of a gun - proceeded to rape the 25-year-old, as reported by her compatriots.

The police investigation that followed revealed that the alleged perpetrators and the complainants are illegally in the country, with the latter having reportedly entered the Greek territory in the previous 24 hours from the northern border.

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The case against the three arrested includes a fourth person, whose details remain unknown at this time.

This is the latest attack of sexual assault, robbery and threats of violence committed by illegal immigrants from Pakistan in Greece.

Pakistanis in Greece are also disproportionately represented in sexual assaults committed in the country, which teenagers often the target.

It is recalled that late last year a Pakistani was found wandering in a central square in Kalivia with his pants down was arrested by police.

A 27-year-old girl saw him and informed the police.

She even said that the man was walking around half-naked in a place where small children were playing.

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