Turkish network praises SYRIZA and Tsipras for opposing Greece's defence spending

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The pro-government Turkish television network Haber Global continues to praise SYRIZA and its leader Alexis Tsipras for the "no" they gave when voting against Greece's defence spending in the 2022 Budget.

Reportage in the Haber Global news bulletin praised the official opposition party because, as it states, it opposes the armaments program of Greece, which is spurred on by daily threats of war and invasion from Ankara.

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Commenting, the Turkish presenter stressed: "The opposition in Greece opposes them, saying something very normal: 'You are equipping yourself so much and many American bases have been formed, why are you doing this?'"

Elsewhere the report refers to the strategic plan of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with the axes and policy objectives of the Greek diplomacy for the period 2022-2025.

The Turkish television network also does not hide its joy for the withdrawal of the US endorsement from the plan of the East Med (Greece, Israel and Cyprus) pipeline.

"On the 39 pages of the strategic plan, it can be seen that the target of all Greece's security priorities and steps is the enemy, Turkey and Ankara (…)," the report commented.

"The East Med pipeline plan showed a shock reaction from the USA. America withdrew its support and the plans of Greece and Southern Cyprus collapsed," she continued to claim,

"It is reported that the US withdrew its support for the pipeline in order not to provoke tensions with Turkey," she added, among other things.

Meanwhile, the president of the Democratic Left Party (DSP), Önder Aksakal, who participates in the opposition coalition, is asking for a Turkish casus belli (Call for War) for the militarisation of the Greek islands.

Speaking to party officials, Aksakal said Greece was hysterical by extending its territorial waters in the Aegean to 12 nautical miles, as permitted by international law as per the United Nations Charter Law of the Sea.

He also said that Greece is increasing its military presence on the Aegean Islands, which “are forbidden to be equipped.”

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