Greece punishes unvaccinated older citizens with monthly fine


Greece has made good on its promise to reign in vaccine hesitancy with the Mitsotakis Government announcing that as of Monday, unvaccinated Greeks will be receiving a monthly fine according to media reports.

The Greek Prime Minister had announced the punitive measures last December, whereby unvaccinated Greeks over who had not been vaccinated by 16 January 2022, would receive an administrative fine of 100 euros every month.

The government however ruled out the scenario of extending mandatory vaccination to other age groups.

According to Euroactiv, since the announcement of fines, 90% of citizens over 60 have been vaccinated or have made an appointment, however there is still 10% of citizens who have not.

‘The government decided to make vaccination obligatory for citizens over 60 as they are considered a vulnerable group. Nine out of ten deaths from COVID affect citizens over 60 years of age, seven in ten intubated patients are over 60 years old and eight out of ten intubated are unvaccinated.’