Greece's new travel promotion - military tourism

King Leonidas Statue military tourism

The 300 movie series has immortalised Thermopylae and Marathon for the next generation to remember Greek history, albeit in a highly fictionalised way, but have ever thought of visiting the actual places where these events occurred?

They are legendary places where historical events took place, some of the greatest battles in history, which are even taught as case studies in military academies and war schools around the world to this very day.

With this in mind, it should come as no surprise that the Greek government is promoting so-called "military tourism."

The Secretary General of National Tourism Organisation (EOT) Dimitris Fragakis met with the president of the War Museum Anastasios Liascos, the first vice president, Lieutenant General Nikolaos Chionis and the special adviser of the Museum, Christos Petreas, on the promotion of military tourism by the EOT.

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The Ministries of National Defence, Culture and Sports, and Tourism are coordinating to take advantage of this relatively new but rapidly growing military tourism sector.

They agreed to include 27 war museums and military monuments across the country on EOT's official website.

The coordinators plan to promote Greek military tourism at international tourism exhibitions.

The creation of an interactive section on the EOT application for mobile devices was also discussed.

EOT will also organise visits for journalists from abroad to areas with rich military history and museums.

Greece has a number of military attractions throughout the country, such as museums and monuments, as well as locations where important events of Greek history have taken place, such as land battles, naval battles and important agreements, among other things.

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Meanwhile, Greece is in seventh place on the list of countries with the strongest passports in 2022.

At the top of the Henley Passport Index, which does not take into account temporary restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, are the passports of Japan and Singapore, giving visa-free access to 192 destinations worldwide.

A Greek passport allows one to enter visa free to 185 countries.

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