Dan Andrews Victorian State Premier repeats his NO to Djokovic AO 2023

Novak Djokovic Belgrade Serbia

According to a report from La Gazzette, Djokovic to play in the French Open despite ‘no jab, no play’ rules were introduced by Emmanuel Macron the French Prime Minister.

The report claims France’s vaccination passports will include an exemption for those who contracted the virus in the last six months and it's expected for Djokovic will be on the list.

It comes after a leaked email from the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) alerted all players that vaccine passes will be needed to enter the country.

The email stated: “[Players] have been informed by the French Tennis Federation that legislation will soon be passed by the French Government prohibiting non-vaccinated athletes from competing in any sporting event.

“It is currently uncertain whether players who have recently recovered from COVID-19 will be allowed to compete unless they have completed at least one dose of a two dose vaccine.”

It did crucially add that: “Players will have to be fully vaccinated to be eligible to compete, OR have a medical certificate that exempts them from vaccination due to medical reasons.”

Tiley the Tennis Australia CEO was asked Sunday whether the unvaccinated Serbian planned to return for the 2023 tournament despite the possibility that his visa could be revoked for up to three years, he replied:

“Yes.” “Obviously, he’s got to play out this year, but that will be his intention,” he told public broadcaster ABC.

“At the end of the day, he’s the number one player in the world and he really loves the Australian Open.”

But Daniel Andrews, premier of Victoria state that hosts the tournament, insisted Djokovic would only be welcome if he was vaccinated.

“Rafa (Nadal) had it right. It could all have been avoided if he just got vaccinated, and that fellow might think he’s bigger than the tournament. He’s not,” Andrews told reporters.

“That’s why the tournament’s happening without him. And it’s a great success.”