Feta knows better


Not many foods can boast a history going back over 2000 years, but every time you buy feta you will be eating cheese as familiar to Homer and Alexander the Great as it is at home in a modern-day Greek salad.
Richer in nutrients and lower in calories, Greek feta is becoming one of the world’s favourite cheeses among health-conscious consumers and foodies worldwide.
In 2004, the European Union granted Greek Feta a PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) status and issued a decree prohibiting European countries other than Greece from using the name Feta. In Europe, similar cheeses are called “brined white cheese.”  GreekFeta production abides by very specific regulations regarding the manufacturing process and the allowed percentage of goat’s milk in the cheese.
Salty and slightly acidic, Feta PDO is a cheese with a history as rich as its taste. A true product of its environment, its recipe and production method reflect the unique terrain of Greece and are grounded in the cumulative know-how of more than two millennia.

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