The heartwarming moment a 100-year-old woman meets her great-great-granddaughter

100-year-old Gwen Smith Maeva

A 100-year-old pensioner has greeted her great-great-granddaughter into the world - the first girl born into the family for 75 years, The Mirror reported.

Gwen Smith met little Maeva for the first time - the first female born to the Smiths since her daughter Sandra in 1947.

In an extremely heartwarming moment, five generations of the family were able to get together at the Dene Holm Residential Care Home in Northfleet in southern England.

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For the first time, the oldest and youngest members of the family could be united.

Gwen Smith meets her great great granddaughter Maeva

Gwen, who will turn 101 next month, already has five grandsons, eight great-grandsons and six step-great-grandsons.

None-the-less, she was extremely proud to meet the newest addition to the family.

Unfortunately, her cataracts mean she can no longer see very well, but she was still tremendously happy to meet Maeva.

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Gwen’s family said: “It was a very special occasion to get all five generations together, particularly during the pandemic.

"Strict protocols are still in place but the home’s manager, Chris, permitted the visit for which we are all extremely grateful.”

Gwen Smith Maeva

The 100-year-old was born in Essex on February 28, 1921, and moved to Gravesend as a youngster, attending school in Northfleet.

She was a keen dancer in her youth and performed at many local events while working for her father’s shop.

Gwen Smith

Gwen met her husband, Ron, an apprentice electrician at Blue Circle Cement Works, when she was 16.

They married in 1940, but with Ron sent to serve overseas in the Royal Engineers they did not meet again for another five years.

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When they were finally reunited the pair enjoyed many years of travelling whilst bringing up their two daughters, Gloria and Sandra.

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