Why the Greek army should not go to Ukraine: The lesson of history

Greek army soliders during the Allied Intervention in Ukraine, 1919

In January 1919, the government of Eleftherios Venizelos was ready to send part of the Greek army to Ukraine to fight against the Soviet Union in full alignment with Western geostrategy.

France had asked for Greek military support for the Soviets in exchange for support for the implementation of the Megali Idea (Great Idea): a Greece of two continents and five seas.

In 1919, the way was opened for this vision, which was sealed by the Treaty of Sevres, but was destroyed by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk at Sakarya River and ended with the Asia Minor Catastrophe in 1922.

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In January 2022, the Greek government wants to make it easier for US-NATO troops to be stationed in Ukraine in a show of force against the Russian armed forces on the Russian-Ukrainian border.

It was preceded earlier by the statement of the Greek Minister of National Defence, Nikos Panagiotopoulos, who admits that the Greeks "killed next to American soldiers in the wars in which we participated, and this will also happen in the future."

Why Greece should not fight

"In 1919 Venizelos sent the Greek army to Ukraine, while he had received the exchange of Ionia. He had conquered the coasts of Asia Minor," lawyer Giannis Hatziantoniou said.

"Today the Greek army has no reason to be in Ukraine since there is no exchange. There was an interest in tactics then," he explained.

"There is no such thing today, nor is it in the interest of strategy," the lawyer added, stressing that it is in Greece's interest not to threaten Russia on its borders and ultimately for the country to remain a world power.

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Continuing, he explained his point of view:

"The 'game' being played today revolves around the possibility of installing American supersonic cruise missiles in Ukraine. There is no way Russia can accept such a thing and as a result it will oppose and eventually fight."

"In the event of a supposed Russian defeat, Greece is significantly harmed," he explained, adding: "If Russia falls from the status of a world superpower, the way is open for Turkey to take on this role."

"A weak Russia is tantamount to an uncontrollable Turkey," Hatziantoniou said. "For this reason, our country must not allow movements and attacks from its territory to Russia."

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