The hilarious Cypriot video that likens sex to souvlakia

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The Cypriot video "Sex like souvlakia", is inspired by the "Tea Consent" of Blue Seat Studios.

With a lot of humour but also truths, they parallel sex with the skewers we all know and love, noting: "It's nice to share them. But you have to ask first. Digest it."

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See the video it as it is worth remembering some truths for the good of our relationships, but also of our dignity.

After all, the right communication and understanding of our human needs are the recipe for a successful and long-lasting personal life.


Elsewhere, Cyprus has been linked to a human trafficking circuit in Greece, reportedly behind a gang rape case in Thessaloniki on New Year’s Eve, that surfaced days ago.

The revelations came after the rape of a 24-year-old woman who was allegedly drugged and raped at a five-star hotel in Greece’s second largest city, In Cyprus reported.

The Cyprus connection followed the intervention of Opposition Akel MP Christos Christofides who had contacted the well-known social media activist.

A 27-year-old businessman arrested in Athens in the Thessaloniki case is reportedly related to a wealthy Greek Cypriot family.

Ilias Gionis has also spoken of the involvement of underage children, about evidence as regards the names from Cyprus, including politicians, as well as transactions with businessmen in Cyprus.

Investigations are ongoing, police said on Saturday, after an activist in Athens said there is information about the alleged movement of women for sex purposes from Cyprus to Greece and Dubai.

Gionis who has played a key role in uncovering sexual abuse cases in Greece made clear he is willing to talk to Cyprus authorities and provide any evidence regarding Cypriot involvement in the trafficking ring.

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