ELPIS SNOWSTORM: Polar temperatures in northern Greece, -19 degrees in Pella


The coldest day of this winter dawned in northern Greece, where strong frost prevails with polar temperatures, but without new snowfall.

The mercury in all regions of Macedonia and Thrace is below zero, reaching in several areas double-digits.

The lowest temperatures from the beginning of the day were recorded in the ski resorts of Vora (Kaimaktsalan) in Pella (-19.3 degrees Celsius) and in Seli, Imathia (-18.1).

In parts of Florina, the mercury showed -16.5 and -16 in Lailia, Serres.

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The temperature dropped to -15 degrees in Nevrokopi, Drama, as well as in Agios Pavlos, Imathia.

Total frost conditions prevail in western Macedonia, where the mercury for the second consecutive 24 hours is not expected to rise above zero. In Florina, the thermometer in the morning dropped to -12.7, in Grevena to -12.6 and in Kozani to -10.4 degrees.

According to Voria, the roads in eastern Macedonia and Thrace have been turned into ice rinks.

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Schools will remain closed today in the municipalities of Central Macedonia due to the low temperatures.

In particular, as announced by the municipalities, the schools of Lagada and Volvi, in the municipality of Kilkis and in the municipality of Almopia Pella, will not operate.

In the municipality of Kassandra, Halkidiki, lessons started an hour later. The buses that transported students to schools were also at the designated points an hour later.

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In the municipality of Florina, schools will remain closed in the municipality of Florina and in the municipality of Amyntaio. Classes started in the municipality of Prespa at 9:15 am.

Meanwhile, passengers of all ages, families with babies, and even the elderly were forced to spend the night in Eleftherios Venizelos airport on Monday night because of the Elpis snowstorm that has gripped Greece.

The heavy snowfall caused chain problems, due both flights cancellations and the closure of the Attiki Odos, the main motorway connecting the airport with Athens.

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