Lawyer of priest accused of raping a minor has resigned - "He hid information from me"

kato patisia priest

The lawyer of the 37-year-old priest who is accused of rape has resigned from the case.

In his announcement, Mr. Theodoropoulos stated that he is resigning from the defence of the 37-year-old defendant because he hid information from him, which became evident at the moment when new serious allegations against him came to light on Monday.

Among other things, in his announcement, Mr. Theodoropoulos stated "… Because the new information that saw the light of day on 24-01-2022 are contrary to my beliefs, good morals and my defensive legal direction, I boldly declare that I resign from the case and deny the order I received from the accused himself on 21-01-2022, emphasising the truth that governs me as a lawyer as I had the assurance from the priest himself that there is no love affair with the 14-year-old minor."

"Information was hidden from me, his lawyer, from the accused and his relatives and to my surprise new complaints were made against him. This fact led me to the point of resigning from his attorney," the lawyer added.

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After the shocking testimony of the 17-year-old in Kato Patisia for the at least seven rapes she had suffered by the priest, a new revealing testimony came from a woman, who described what she experienced horribly with the priest.

"He started asking me some questions about my sex life, such as what things I like, if my husband is satisfied, if I want to try something different because we are in the house of God and we have to be naked," the woman said.

"He told me to follow the rules and be submissive to him, otherwise I could not become his spiritual child.

"Everyone in the neighborhood knew and everyone was hiding it. "

"I once called him to give advice to my daughter who was here and she told me 'I need to talk to her and ask her some personal questions'."

The answer she received was "this does not concern you my lady."

Counting her story, she said: "From there I only understood what it was about. I think everyone was covering up this situation."

"Both the church and the neighbourhood", she declared.

He was sending nude photos

It all started in November 2019 when the priest met his victim through the catechism.

The girl had gone there at the urging of her aunt who had a close relationship with the 37-year-old.

According to the other aunt of the 17-year-old, the priest was coming and going in their house.

According to the girl's testimony, the priest after each catechism isolated her in the church, and after making her confess, then raped her, saying "in my face you will see your father and your teacher."

The accused did not hesitate to ask her for nude photos and also sent her nude photos and pornographic material.

According to Proto Thema, the 37-year-old raped the child at least seven times while at the same time committing other indecent acts against her.

According to the girl's relatives, the priest also threatened her with so-called "pink" videos to ensure her silence. Specifically, immediately after her first rape, he said that he would show the video to her family if she did not promise him that they would meet again.

The film that sparked the revelation

The 17-year-old accepted the abusive behavior of the priest until the beginning of 2020. Then, she began to close in on herself and having breakdowns from even just seeing the priest.

However, although her mother had realised that something was happening to her child, only two months ago the girl found the courage to speak.

The reason for the 17-year-old to open her mouth was a movie she saw that had child abuse.

In the movies victim, she "saw" herself and the pain she was experiencing from the priest.

Shen then described to her parents what she had gone through.

According to other sources, the 17-year-old confessed the hell that she experienced at the hands of the priest to a teacher, who urged her to report the rapist.

The mouths open in Kato Patisia

After the 17-year-old's complaint, the silence in Kato Patisia has been broken as several residents and another girl talked about the "suspicious" behaviour of the priest.

19-year -old Luna complained that in November 2020, the same priest had approached her asking her to go somewhere alone in order to spend some time with him.

According to her, the 37-year-old met her through a friend of hers who was then attending classes in the catechism, and invited her to the church to talk.

He initially offered her a job, as the 19-year-old paints murals, and asked her to spend a few hours alone.

The girl realised his intentions and answered him negatively, however, he insisted on inviting her to go at night alone to a place he has made for the youth of the area.

In fact, he allegedly gave her 50 euros as a reward for her work but also in exchange for being with him again.

The 18-year-old left but the priest insisted on sending her messages to become friends on social media.

The girl did not answer him and the next day she met the priest with his family in a square in the area.

According to the 37-year-old, he was looking at her persistently and erotically, despite the fact that his children and his then pregnant wife were next to him.

The 19-year-old reported the incident to the police but the answer she received was that it is impossible to prosecute as long as no criminal act has preceded.

However, there were many reports about the action of the 37-year-old, with the result that the police officers of the Juvenile Protection Sub-Directorate have targeted him and are monitoring him.

This was the reason why the priest was arrested and taken to the prosecutor immediately after the 17-year-old's testimony.

In the neighbourhood of the church of Agios Dimitrios Oplon, there are many who testify that they saw underage girls leaving the church during the night but they did not imagine what was happening.

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