Athens is a top shipping centre - What is its overall ranking?

Greek shipping boat sea greek flag Plakiotakis Athens

Athens is emerging as a leading shipping center through a survey by the Norwegian classification society DNV, which published earlier this month, after two years, a report entitled "Leading Maritime Cities."

The classifications measured shipping, maritime finance & law, maritime technology, ports & logistics, attractiveness & competiveness and overall ranking.

In the overall ranking was Singapore in top place, followed by Rotterdam, London, Shanghai and Tokyo. Athens is in 12th place.

Singapore is first in addition to the overall picture, in two of the five categories, and more specifically, as a technology centre and for its Attractiveness and Competitiveness.

Two European cities are in the top 5, Rotterdam in second place and London in third place.

New York emerged as the leading economic and legal centre, followed by London, Tokyo, Oslo and Paris.

Compared to the 2019 report, more business shipping activities are moving to Asia.

Asian shipowners have increased their market share from 36% in 20212 to 42%. The share of European merchant fleet interests also fell from 45% to 43%.

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However, the commercial fleets controlled by companies based in the Greek capital, increased based on capacity by 20% during the two years of 2019-2021.

Based on the efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Athens is at the top as it has placed the most orders for ships that will use alternative energy sources such as LNG-LPG-methanol.

The Greek capital is also building ships with a total capacity of 1.3 million gross tonnage, with Tokyo to follow with 1.2 million.

In addition, Greece has become the third biggest ship owning national in the world since January this year with its total value increased from USD 93.2 bn at the beginning of the year to USD 145 bn, according to data published by Vessels Value.

Vessels Value is the leading online valuation and data provider for the Shipping, Offshore, Passenger and Superyacht industries.

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