ATHENS SNOW CHAOS: 1,200 stranded cars force CEO resignation; trapped drivers offered 2,000 euros each


The Athens snow storm, ironically called Elpis (Hope) that hit the country on Monday, has seen the CEO of the parent company managing the Attiki Odos highway resign after more than 1,200 cars were stranded.

According to the company, Attiki Odos intends to compensate each vehicle that was trapped on the highway due to the heavy snow with 2,000 euros, the company revealed in an announcement on Tuesday.

"After the unprecedented and dense snowstorm that occurred in Attica on Monday and with a feeling of tangible solidarity with the drivers and passengers that suffered hardship on the Attiki Odos road network, Attiki Odos is going to offer for each trapped vehicle 2,000 euros," the company said.

On Tuesday, Attikes Diadromes SA, the parent company of Attiki Odos SA, accepted the resignation of its Chief Executive Officer Vassileios Chalkias on Tuesday.

Chalkias began his statement by saying that the last few motorists have been freed from the Attiki Odos tolls motorway, where some 1,200 cars were stranded during the Elpis snowstorm that hit the country on Monday.

Having served as the company's CEO since 1999, Chalkias said he feels "honored to have headed the emblematic Attiki Odos project," and wished all the best to his successor.

The company's board appointed traffic manager Aristophanes Papadimitriou to assume Halkias' duties until the due election of a new CEO.

Announcement regarding abandoned cars on Attiki Odos

Attiki Odos issued an announcement on Tuesday informing drivers that were forced to abandon cars trapped on the highway that they can contact the fire brigade via the emergency number 199 in order to pick up their vehicles.

The announcement said that the road has been cleared in the following sections:

1) From Kifissias Avenue to the Vrilissia tunnel in the lanes going toward the airport, using the exit to the Hymettus ring road and then Katechaki Avenue.

2) From Katechaki Avenue via the Hymettus ring road heading toward the airport and toward Rafina-Pikermi at exit Y8

3) From the Pallini tolls up to Katechaki Avenue

4) From the Paiania tolls to Kantza in the lanes toward Elefsina.

The sections that remain closed and where work to clear the snow and move abandoned vehicles is ongoing between:

1. Vrilissia up to Anthousa in the lanes going toward the airport

2. Kantza to Marathonos Avenue heading toward Elefsina

3. The western branch of the Hymettus ring road from the Kontopefki tunnel to the Vrilissia tunnel

The drivers that are still in their cars are asked to contact the Attiki Odos Traffic Centre at the four-digit number 1024.