Lingerie-clad Greek celebs showoff workout routine during Elpis snowstorm (VIDEO)

lingerie Marialena Roumelioti and Karolina Kalyva Elpis

Many Greek celebrities have taken to the streets to enjoy the snowfall, have snowball fights and build snowmen, but there are some who had fun in more "original ways," like performing an exercise routine in lingerie despite the Elpis snowstorm.

After the appearance of Eleni Foureira with heels and a bathrobe, but also the… snowboarding of Konstantinos Argyros, the two former Survivor contestants Marialena Roumelioti and Karolina Kalyva, preferred to work out in the snow in their lingerie.

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The two girls posted on Instagram a video in which we see them on a rooftop, wearing underwear, hats and sneakers to exercise.

“Together we have experienced life. Separately, we will pursue our dreams. Forever, our memories will remain. 🤍❄️”, Carolina wrote, adding: ”As fearless as we are, we really froze!”

Meanwhile, as many had fun with the Elpis snowstorm, many in Greece suffered as power outtages affected many regions.

Power has been restored to 80% of the areas affected by Monday's Elpis snowstorm, the Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator (HEDNO) said on Tuesday.

In Attica Region, 15 damaged lines are being repaired still.

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The northern suburbs of Aghia Paraskevi, Papagos, Holargos, Maroussi and Halandri still have individual issues at neighborhood level.

The suburbs affected most of all from the snow were in East Attica, due to road access issues: Nea Makri, Pikermi, Grammatiko, Kalentzi, Voutsas, Lavrio, Kato Souli, Marathonas, Kalivia and Keratea.

On islands, almost all damage has been repaired except for villages in Chania, in NW Crete.

On Evia, repairs are complete while villages around Atalanti are expected to have power by Tuesday night.

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