Priest in prison for rape of 14-year-old, blames Netflix teen drama 13 Reasons Why

priest kato patisia sexual assault

The priest, who is facing a series of criminal charges for the rape of his 14-year-old student in the catechism, took the road to prison today after his testimony in the court, Proto Thema reported. The defendant denied in his testimony the offenses alleged against him, claiming more or less that the girl was influenced by the series Netflix teen drama series "13 reasons why" to report him for rape.

In fact, as the accused claimed, the 14-year-old in her testimony to the authorities used the same phrases from the series.

In order to strengthen his position that he did not commit the crime of rape, the accused referred to the forensic examination and argued that according to it, "her hymen is intact."

The priest even opposed the arrest warrant for his arrest, claiming, among other things, that it was issued for crimes that were pronounced against him and which, according to the case file, he is accused of having committed two years ago!

However, the court was not convinced by his allegations and immediately after completing his testimony, the priest was taken to prison.

"No injuries were found"

In his testimony, the priest states: "The accusation leveled against me, among other things, concerns the completion of intercourse with the minor. Although, at least three times, it is alleged according to the complainant, that I completed the acts of rape by intercourse, and by nature with her, other indecent acts, (for which, her virginity would surely have been torn), accompanied by, in fact, comments and expressions attributed to me, (about the loss of her virginity, etc.), and while all this had to be fully confirmed and proven by the the minor, the forensic report fully justifies me."

"Specifically, the director of the Forensic Medicine and Toxicology laboratory, Professor Hara Spiliopoulou and his professional fellow Mr. Katsos, found beyond any doubt that the hymen was intact, not ruptured, and in particular, that the anus, which suggest beyond any doubt sexual violence on the minor.

"So in no case are we talking about a rupture of the hymen, a fact to which the complainant repeatedly refers with certainty had happened."

"Affected by '13 Reasons Why'"

Then, in his testimony, the priest stated that the young girl was influenced by a Netflix series.

"Besides, her young age and the programs she watched on TV (13 Reasons Why) would be enough motivation, as this series tells the 13 reasons why a beautiful girl committed suicide because she was raped by a classmate and all her friends, classmates, parents, teachers proved that she should commit suicide, because she is not important to anyone….

"These unacceptable programs guide the psyche, emotion and actions of our teenagers and can lead them to heinous acts, suicide, or false accusations, as they bring about identification with the protagonist."

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In addition, the accused priest claimed that for a period of time during which, according to the case file, he allegedly committed the offenses attributed to him, he was ill and was receiving treatment.

"I had suffered a personal nerve palsy, my face was paralysed on the right side and I underwent an MRI scan and received cortisone treatment," he said.

"This problem occupied me seriously for about two months, before and after the date of 8/4.

"In addition, I have never been arrested for any criminal or misdemeanor act in the past. not even for a simple traffic violation.

"I always respected and obeyed the laws of the state and the rules of society. I am a 36-year-old father of three minor children, I live with my wife, I am a priest, and I have a supportive environment, my father and my brother, also priests, who support me and will watch over me, from now on, to remove any of your concerns."

What he says about the warrant

Asking not to be remanded in custody, the accused denied in any tone the acts attributed to him while he also objected to the warrant issued for his arrest.

"The charges against me are said to have been committed during the period from December 2019 to May 2020. The first one was reported in October 2021.

"This is very far in time, from the received pre-investigation testimonies and the creation of the pre-investigation case."

According to the 36-year-old, "the time distance from both the described commission of the offenses and their denunciation, the fact that in the meantime, there is no indication of my commission of another offense (not even in the two years that have passed since 2020, not even in the three months since the complaint), in addition to my position as a clergyman, suspended, (by decision of the Archdiocese, after the publication of the pending case against me), prove from the beginning the lack of support for your arrest warrant and, however, today, the impossibility of committing new crimes on my part, according to what is described in your order, as I will no longer have access to the church, or to minors in my capacity as a clergyman."

Finally, the accused stated that if there were indications of the crimes for which he is accused, then from October 2021, when the police started investigating the case, he should have arrested him on the spot so he would not commit a similar crime.

"In any case, my forthcoming suspension removes your main argument, that I come into daily contact with minors, as a clergyman and catechist," he said, adding that he was neither of unknown residence, nor a fugitive, nor was he preparing to leave.

What the priest's lawyer said

In a statement, the lawyer Irini Maroupa said after the end of her client's testimony:

"Justice must be done on the basis of evidence, not emotion. The objective evidence of the case proves that the rape of the minor, with sexual intercourse, repeatedly, never happened.

"In particular, the forensic examination excludes rape as there is no rupture of the hymen.

"The penal code and criminal procedure apply to all defendants and all offenses.

"Father Stefanos is not a fugitive suspect, nor is he a danger to commit new crimes.

"This is evidenced by the two year period from the alleged commission of the offenses, and the three months from the reporting of the offenses.

Besides, he was not arrested on the spot. He had to be released pending trial.

"That's the law, the law, the right thing to do in this case," he concluded.

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