ELPIS SNOWSTORM: Beautiful natural sculptures adorn Lake Ioannina and Argolida plain - See photos

Elpis Argolida Ioannina

Images left behind following the Elpis snowstorm have captured imaginations all across Greece, and Ioannina and Argolida were no exception to this.

Despite the many problems that have arisen in recent days throughout the country because of the snowstorm, photos taken and published by the residents of Ioannina, but compiled by Proto Thema, show that nature can create amazing works of art.

The frost, although it caused problems in many areas, created crystalline stalactites in the frozen lake of Ioannina, creating an idyllic landscape in the area.

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Everything froze, even the tables and chairs, which were as if sculpted by an artist.

The magical images from Lake Pamvotida were published by the Cultural Centre of the Municipality of Ioannina.







Equally impressive images came from the plains of Argolida as the prevailing cold turned the snow melting from the trees into ice.

The landscape is just like something from a fairytale.







Meanwhile, government spokesman Yiannis Economou gave a roundup of what will be in effect in the Regions of Attica and Crete on Thursday, which are still coping with the cleanup and restoration efforts following Monday's snowstorm.

- Schools: Classes will be held remotely on Thursday and Friday (Jan. 27-28).

- Nursery schools and preschools and activity centres for children and disabled people: shut down on Thursday and Friday.

- Work: the private sector will work remotely on Thursday wherever possible, while the public sector will implement remote work on the same day, depending on needs and accessibility issues.

- Courts: shut down on Thursday and Friday.

- Retail stores: may open 10:00 to 18:00 on Thursday.

- Courier and delivery services: not allowed on Thursday.

- Vaccinations: all will go ahead as usual, except for children's vaccinations at the Prometheus megacenter and the Penteli Children's Hospital. Adult vaccinations at Prometheus and children's vaccinations elsewhere will go ahead as usual.

Those who miss their appointments will get a text message (sms) reminder for a new appointment.

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