Sexist ad causes controversy in Italy: CV for €500 a month job must include bikini photos

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The Italian Ministry of Labour has launched an investigation into a sexist advertisement for a receptionist job placed online.

According to the Guardian, the announcement of a Naples-based company caused discomfort in the Italian ministry after strong reactions on social media from users online to the ridiculous demands asked to be attached to the CV for prospective employees.

Interested employees should, in addition to their formal qualifications for the position, attach a full-body photo in a swimsuit.

The ad also stated that candidates should be under 30 years old, speak fluent English, have their own car and have a “bright character and attractive appearance.”

“We ask you to send us a full-length photo in a swimsuit,” said the job advert.

In addition to these sexist demands, the employee’s salary would only be 500 euros.

As soon as users saw the ad posted, their response on social media was of disgust that forced the company to remove it immediately.

“This is a very bizarre ad,” said Naples labour consultant Chiara Marciani.

“It is scandalous for many reasons … starting with the search for a woman under the age of thirty and the salary which is absurdly insufficient for the commitment and responsibilities,” she added.

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“The problem of sexism persists … there needs to be much more work done on gender equality,” Marciani continued. “There are so many issues that need to be addressed, especially in a city like Naples, which has a very low rate of women in employment.”

According to OECD data from 2019, less than half of all working-age Italian women were in jobs. The situation was exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic, with women disproportionately affected by job losses.

Many women are forced to resign after becoming pregnant as they are unable to juggle work and family life, with a lack of affordable childcare facilities and inflexible work conditions being among the main reasons.

Sexism has also been prevalent in billboard advertisements across Italy, prompting the Senate to last year ban adverts on streets and all forms of transport deemed sexist or discriminatory.

The company blamed an “inexperienced employee” for writing the ad.

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