Turkish National Security Council: Greece on the list of "challenges" for 2022

Turkish National Security Council

The almost five-hour meeting of the Turkish National Security Council chaired by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan ended late on Thursday night. Greece was discussed, which shows that in 2022 there will be many open chapters in Greek-Turkish relations.

According to the announcement issued by the National Security Council, the fact that Greece "distorts international law and equips the islands" is assessed by the Turkish side as a threat, while calling on our country for dialogue.

In fact, as the Turkish side says, our country rejects any calls for dialogue.

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In addition, the announcement of the National Security Council reiterates that Ankara "protects its legal rights and interests in the Aegean and the Mediterranean."

In more detail:

1. The political, military, economic and social developments of 2021 that are important for our national security were evaluated in all aspects. The possible challenges of 2022 and activities to be carried out in this context were discussed.

2. Reports have been submitted to the Council on operations conducted with determination and success in the face of all threats and dangers to our national unity and survival, in particular the PKK/KCK-PYD/YPG, FETÖ and DAESH terrorist organisations.

3. The escalating tensions between the Russian Federation and Ukraine were discussed and it was pointed out that their escalation will not have consequences in the interest of anyone, hence all parties are called to reduce the tension based on common sense.

4. Emphasis was placed on the development of mechanisms and efforts to enhance peace and stability in the South Caucasus through the constructive and sincere efforts of the Parties, in particular Turkey and Armenia.

5. Greece, which recklessly violates and distorts International Law and continues to equip the islands in violation of the Treaties, has been called upon to respond to our sincere calls for dialogue and cooperation. We reiterate our commitment to the protection of our legal rights and interests in the Aegean and the Mediterranean.

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