Arnold Schwarzenegger teases new project, to play Greek God Zeus

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Arnold Schwarzenegger shared a poster of himself as the sky and thunder god, Zeus. Fans speculate if it is a glimpse of his upcoming project.

Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger has teased the fans with a poster of himself as the sky and thunder god from Greek mythology. Meanwhile, fans are speculating if Arnold Schwarzenegger is playing the role of the mighty God of Thunder, Zeus in a new project.

His youngest son, Joseph Baena, commented on the photo, "Oh god of the sky, please bless my pump today ⚡️🙏."

While Schwarzenegger's IMDb page doesn't have a film listing "Zeus" as a project, Men's Health reports the project could be a potential Super Bowl commercial for the Feb. 13 broadcast of the game.

Fans immediately assumed it was some sort of surprise movie sequel that had somehow never been reported on and was set to debut in February 2018.

As many suspected, it ultimately was just a Super Bowl ad for Tourism Australia, that featured the likes of famous Aussies such as Hugh Jackman, Chris Hemsworth and Margot Robbie, to name just a few.

As for this mysterious Schwarzenegger project, it wouldn't be surprising if other famous actors started debuting more posters depicting themselves as Greek gods or goddesses, all touting that mysterious February 2022 debut.