Robert De Niro Hollywood Movie to be Filmed in Greece

Robert de Niro

Robert De Niro will be in Greece, as a major motion picture featuring the Hollywood star will be shot in the northern Greek region of Drama, cementing the country as an international filming destination for cinema and television.

The action film, which is called “After Exile,” tells the story of a fraught relationship between a father his son, who has just been released from prison, as they try to steer a relative away from a life of crime. De Niro will play the father, while actor Shia LaBeouf will play his son.

It is doubtful whether the entire film will be shot in Greece or only a few scenes, but the filming in Greece is set to begin in Spring, likely at the end of March or early April.

Local officials from the northern Greek region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace recently received a request from the film’s production company to shoot in the area.