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Tsitsipas laughs off accusations, “I cannot hear anything when I’m playing; it’s impossible,”

Despite Medvedev’s resentment over his father’s observed interference and an eventual warning from the umpire, Tsitsipas laughed off accusations of in-match coaching afterwards. “You saw me the other day, losing the score twice in two of my matches… I cannot hear anything when I’m playing, it’s impossible,” he said.“Having the crowd being so loud in every single point, I mean, you have to have super hearing to be able to hear what your coach says.”

Daniil Medvedev launched a tirade of abuse at the chair umpire in his semi-final showdown with Tsitsipas, accusing the Greek star of receiving mid-match coaching from his father.

“His father is allowed to talk every point?” Medvedev repeatedly asked chair umpire Jaume Campistol in an angry blow-up in which he called the official “stupid” and a “small cat”.

While Medvedev’s blow-up was confronting to watch, it seemed to work as the umpires proceeded to launch an immediate crackdown on the Tsitsipas team.

Medvedev, on Eurosport, when asked about the ‘intense rivalry’:

“It started out in Miami. We all know what happened. So every match against Stefanos is kind of special.”

Tsitsipas received a pay cheque of $895,000 for making the semifinals.


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