Property taxes to lower for most Greeks in 2022

real estate Property market in Greece set to rebound after covid-19

Most Greek taxpayers will pay lower property taxes (ENFIA) on a permanent fair basis as of 2022, Finance Minister Christos Staikouras reiterated at the 39th annual national conference of the Hellenic Property Federation (POMIDA) on Saturday.

Representing the prime minister at the conference, Staikouras said that real estate property was recovering from the multi-year financial crisis and the previous government's excessive taxation.

He also thanked owners for assuming some of the debts from the government's plan to provide rent subsidies to renters.

The government has provided refunds through consolidation of debts or direct deposits totalling 808 million euros, while outstanding cases, mostly related to subletting, are expected to be resolved by end-February, he said.

Among other things, the Finance minister also said the government was improving the efficient use of public real estate assets, including through reducing tax calculation factors.

In small border islands and areas hit hardest by natural disasters, the government is legislating that ENFIA be abolished, while it is reviewing the entire tax calculations for property nationally.

"It is absolutely feasible that most of our compatriots will pay even lower ENFIA, on a permanent basis, as of 2020, in a socially more fair way - announcements will come in the following weeks," Staikouras said.

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