Students, teachers need to be tested for Covid before returning to classes 

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Students and teachers at schools shut down after the snowstorm must complete Covid-19 self-tests before returning to classes on Monday, whether they are vaccinated or not, the Education Ministry said on Saturday.

That first week of reopening (Jan. 31-Feb. 4), students should do a total of 3 self-tests up to 24 hours before attending classes on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday.

For the same week, unvaccinated teachers and staff must provide a total of two rapid tests and a self-test, all of them paid out of pocket. The first rapid test must be done up to 48 hours before arriving at school on Monday (Jan. 31) and the second the same before arriving on Friday (Feb. 4). On Tuesday (Feb. 1), they must have done a self-test up to 24 hours before class.

At other schools that operated normally during the past week or were suspended but returned to operation on past Thursday and Friday with self-tests, students and staff are back to providing tests, as usual, two days a week: before class on Tuesdays and Fridays.