Antetokounmpo's partner Mariah Riddlesprigger shares the goals she set to regain her body

Mariah Riddlesprigger

Mariah Riddlesprigger, the partner of Giannis Antetokounmpo, is dedicated to the difficult task of raising two very young children.

One of her biggest tests has proven, for her, the acceptance of her body after pregnancies, as while in the past she was an athlete, today she does not recognise her body in the mirror.

For 2022 , however, she set a number of new goals that will help her regain her shape.

What did he write about all this on Instagram?

"Two under two has been quite the transition.

"Coordinating an infant and toddler’s schedule, balancing quality time with both boys, lack of sleep but the biggest struggle has been staring in a mirror.

"I don’t recognise my body. And yes I know most of you will say to show myself some grace, but these kiddos plus a subpar diet has got your girl in her feelings!

"I used to be a Division 1 athlete who worked out every single day, multiple times a day.

"Gaining weight used to be a struggle, but now losing it seems impossible.

"I contemplated sharing such a personal topic with social media, but then I thought how can I be impactful if I’m not honest about my struggles.

"I have drastically struggled with my weight and body image, especially after the birth of my baby Mav. But I’m changing my narrative!

"My kids deserve a healthy mama and I deserve to love my body again so I’ve made the commitment to prioritize my health.

"At the beginning of the year I wrote down a few goals and at the top of the list were my fitness goals.

"1. Workout 5 days per week

"2. Follow a strict meal plan

"3. Drink water only

"I decided against the annual New Years resolution announcement because they tend to be forgotten after the first few weeks.

"But 4 weeks later and I’m happy to announce I’ve been going strong and staying committed to my goals!

"The weight isn’t falling off just yet but the difference I’ve seen in one month has been so encouraging.

"And the most important takeaway from the past month has been that I am capable of completely committing to my goals.

"I’m on the biggest weight loss journey of my life and my end goal is to lose 25 LBs by the end of the Bucks season!

"So this championship run better go deep, I need all the time I can get!

"I may be overly ambitious, but the worst that can happen is I fall short while still moving in the right direction.

"I’ll be sharing parts of my journey with all of you so I’ll appreciate any tips, tricks and encouragement."


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